Sunday, December 27, 2009

the greatest love story

i wanna find a husband, not a boyfriend,
one of the reason is because of this true love story:)

The Greatest Love Story

They both lived in a society so horrible that oppression was a normal thing, especially to women. However, in the middle of this chaos, these two shared the most beautiful love story ever known to mankind.

The man was the most honest and fair of all the people living in his community. None was respected more for honesty, integrity, sobriety and humbleness. He had no bad habits and did not engage in drinking or relations with women, although it was common place amongst his people. He never took a girlfriend nor a mistress in his life and never even attended parties or the like at anytime in his life. The only intimate relations he had with a woman was through marriage alone.

The woman was very intelligent and brilliant in her mind and excellent in treatment of her parents. Her father was the man's life long friend who was very respected at that time.

One day, when she was playing outside in the dirt, her mother asked her to come into the house. She was only six years old. Her mother took her to see her father, who offered her hand in marriage to his best friend, the man. This was the custom in the society at that time. However, the man did not accept it because she was not old enough for the age of consent and he believed that a woman must decide for her own. In that society, marrying a woman without her consent was common and usually it was done to get hold of her inherited wealth.

When she was a few years older and mature enough to decide, her father offered her hand in marriage to the man. She was very shy and her silence was understood by her father that she was indeed, accepting the proposal for marriage. The whole family was happily involved and most elated in having the man who was very noble as their close relative through marriage.

She was very excited with the marriage preparations and was very happy with the wonderful experience of being offered and accepted in marriage to the man. This was exactly what she wanted all along. During their lives together, they were very happy, close, and intimate with one another. Among their happy times was, they would race with each other and she would beat him every time until she got bigger and heavier that he would beat her in the race instead. They lived together for nine years until he got very sick.

When he was dying, he wanted to be with her. She would place a towel on his head when he had fever. He died with his head on her lap. She never said a single bad word against her husband during his life, or after his death. She never remarried and she lived to her 70's continuing to tell the people beautiful stories about her husband.

When he died with his head on her lap, she did not wail, cry, or tear up her hair like what the society at time would normally do when the loved ones pass away. She knew that his death did not mark the end of their relationship because they will be together again, happily ever after, in Paradise.

This story, the marriage of Aishah to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is nothing less than the best love story ever.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

a piece from damn, gross reality!!!


It hurts to see,
A man and a woman holding hands,
With no relation except friends.

It hurts to see,
A man and a woman keeping hands,
When they vow to love till the end.

It hurts to hear,
People say they want a good job,
Before buying baby clothes at the shop.

It hurts to hear,
People say, "I don't have the money",
When they have lots to feed their "honey".

It hurts to think,
Parents would leave their children like that,
Without saying, "Hey, that's very bad!"

It hurts to think,
Children would say to other children,
"My parents did it too, how's that different?"

It hurts to realize,
A man's poison becomes a man's meat,
They know that but still, they eat.

**i get this meaningful poem from here