Friday, March 25, 2011

what's this lovey dovey mode when exam is just around the corner!?

A Love Poem ( source )

This is a love poem as clear as it can be
They say a man can't express love easily
Well that is true, but that can't stop me
The "cool" guy in me is my biggest enemy

My heart is talking but you can't listen
I'd be cruel and a fool to keep it hidden
And if my tongue can't do justice then
Just let all the talking be given to the pen

But apologies from me if you can't see
Whether my words here are reality
My heart speaks begging for a listener
To bad that the world speaks louder

Can you hear me love? Can you hear me now?
This world is too loud it drowns this vow
But the night is silent and the moon is shining
I could not have asked for a better timing

[Pause for effect]

Your laugh echoes in my ears after you've done laughing
The way you walk is so funny but I would change nothing
You clear your throat when you talk when there's nothing there
You want to look confident but deep down I know you're scared
You cook for me even though I didn't ask you too
I took my time to taste your love in every parcel I chew
I'd do the same but my cooking is nothing like my love for you
I still remember when I held your hand on our wedding day
Tears fell from my eyes and there's something that I wanted to say
That this hand of mine had been craving of such a touch so tender
As if my veins meet with yours and our blood flows swiftly together
All the birthdays, Valentine's Days, and anniversaries went by unnoticed
I don't need a specific day for me to tell you what or how my love is

Oh my God, I am now out of words, out of lines, out of rhymes
Not because there's nothing more to write but no more words I can find
Is it because there's too much love in me to express in words?
Or is it because there's more of you to love that I haven't discovered?

*this poem is so lovely i couldnt resist posting it in my blog lah..what more can a woman ask from a man when she already have u appreciating her in every bits..
* Well, it's not that hard to satisfy your woman..Just be caring and appreciate what she's doing although she only cooks nasi goreng or iron your shirt:)
*i'm not married..i just get this "wife" feeling from many amazing women around me:)
*so, appreciate your loved one before it's too late:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

of Nikon and fate

Only God knows how much i cherish you

but Allah reminds me not to express love without legal ties.

let us love Him very much now and then

until the time has come for a happy ending, insyaAllah.

p/s - i appreciate you..thank you:)

selamat hari jadi

untuk insan yang paling jelita
penuh kasih sayang dan kecantikan budi pekerti

masih ku ingat wajahmu yang berseri-seri
mengandungkan adik bongsu

masih terbayang air matamu yang selalu mencucuk-cucuk hati
kalau kamu sakit, aku lebih sakit
kalau kamu hiba, aku bisa mati

semoga Tuhan memberi kamu syurga
selamat hari jadi, ibu:)