Friday, January 29, 2010

a beautiful love

when i first saw them, i was suprised because they were sharing ABC and the girl wore long hijab.
i walked past their table with deep curiosity of their status.
hey they look so young!do u think they are married?pretty impossible, huh?

since i was staying at kolej mawar, dataran cendekiawan was the nearest place to get food and this means i always get the chances to bumped onto them.
i met them at the second time and this time around, they were doing homework together!
& there was one time when the girl accompanied the boy to the mosque for jumaat prayer!
how cute is that!!*

they both are petite & cute!
the girl is almost as tall as the boy & that makes me think they are a very adorable couple.

what's so special about them?
thousand couple is in uitm and eating together at dataran cendekiawan but why they got my eyes on them?

the reason is simple.
i believe they are married and the bond makes them shines amongst other 'unauthorized' couple.
the similar rings on their finger prove it all:)

*mmg betul lah sesuatu yang diredhai Allah tu terasa sangat indah dan manis.subhanallah.
kalau yang memandang pun terasa bahagia, apatah lagi yang merasa:))


Anonymous said...

waaah!so sweet!i adore it as well!when it'll b mine?~haha!

everjihad said...

hmm..betul. suke dengan ayat last tu. kalau yg memandang pun terasa bahagia, apa lagi yang merasa..

bilalah nak merasa..

sabar, sabar..
masanya pasti akan tiba.

salam ziarah dari toronto..

everjihad said...

hmm.. tak tau camne nak contact awk camne.

tapi juz nak share my thoughts.

juz nak share dgn awak, some of my thoughts regarding marriage..

if u hv added aiman azlan as ur fb friend ( assuming u hv fb. n tracking u from ur comment in his latest blog)

bleh baca komen sy kat sini

salam ukhuwah.

hannan said...

anonymous- ..the time will come soon..insyaAllah..ape2 pon, kne cntakan Allah dl br ble dpt cinta yg manis2..:))

everjihad- sabar, sabar..hehe
awk boleh cntact sy through
yes, i hav read ur comment..that's wat we all doing now, rite..preparing ourselves to eat the bittersweet medicine:)