Sunday, October 10, 2010

0f 10th october and....

i'm in the phase of writing short to avoid blog readers vommiting on my wall for my endless writing beforehand.

well, (trying hard not to crap a lot) i found this picture from my favourite blog (jeng3) and decided to slam it on my wall.

it is unique because i think mr faisal drew it on his own due to no source being credited to. (eleh ckp je la die hard fan kan)

and most important thing people, i interpret it as our reminder to not to forget our brothers in Gaza and pray for them every mins we have.

happy 10.10.2010 everyone!
congratulations to those who's tying the knot or organizing an open house, or went to bungee jumping or having a baby or losing the first teeth..or

live live simple huh.
do not overjoyed.