Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hell-oh Hell-oh Bee (LLB)

I don't write much recently and I do not blame my hectic life for this because a friend once said, "You do not find excuse if you have the will."

Time flies so fast. I remember creating this blog when I was 17 and now I am 23! I have witnessed the phenomena when blogging was not a trend and favor and now everyone wants to blog mainly to make money. Boring.

I feel the urge to write because I love this blog and at least I want to paint little memories in here.
Well, back then I was just an innocent prelaw student from UiTM and now look at me, soon to graduate, big fat honky lad! owh and not to mention the countless sin and I have committed. bahaha. OK orang melayu said jangan buka pekung di dada. Sudahla tu!

So much things have happened but I would like to emphasize on my degree life. People come and go and so am I.
Now is the 6th day of my freedom! I mean temporary freedom. My degree life has officially ends and now I am preparing for the very final examination.

I think I can cherished my final week but God was testing me. I do not intend to explain in depth but well, life is never easy to enter the heaven, isn't it? Underneath it all, I enjoy the last few days and manage to say ' I love you' to many friends.

We manage to practice the policy of crying inside the surau or with your selendang covering your face.
We are now well-versed of friend who can be trusted and who is not.  
We learn how to be silence and win
We can do works really fast, especially clerical works. ahem
We can got a big 'E' and 'F' from Tuan Lee Chong Fook, the legend of criminal law.

and I know I will be missing my cubicle, friends, lecturers, gerai Pak Mat and Mydin.
Tuan Lee!!!
They call the real lawyer to grill us..Mr Suresh paling cool!
My firmates - Azweena & Associates

Goodluck for final examination! Keep the eyebags!:P


diDie~inn0cence~ said...

haha. i'm there in the picture :)

diDie~inn0cence~ said...

haha. i'm there in the picture ~